Via Piero Gobetti, 40 20090 Pieve Emanuele (MI)



Fat srl was founded in 1973 in Milan as a supplier of accident prevention products.
With the introduction of new EU regulations on safety in the 90’s, it specialises in the manufacturing of PPE against falls from height full body harnesses and devices.

Since then, Fat became a leader in the market of safety products. In 2000, the company started an export process and its products became internationally appreciated.

In January 2015, Antonella Greco, who had worked as a senior manager for 10 years within the company, took over and became CEO of the company whose name changed into Fat Pro Srl.

The new management still embraces the values upon which the company was founded and for which it became famous: professionality, efficiency, use of excellent row materials, hand-made products.

In addition, at Fat pro we consider the concept “handmade and in Italy” a great value to protect and spread around the world. We are constantly committed on expanding our sales base. Currently, we have an established market presence in Europe, north-Africa, Israel and Turkey.

All our products comply with the EU legislation and are made by specialized expertise with the aid of high-spec machinery.
Moreover, the use of excellent row materials and the quality control standards guarantee safety to the final users.


Via Piero Gobetti, 40 20090
Pieve Emanuele (MI)

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